Tool Kit

toolkitA tool kit is all you would need to conduct an interview may it be a Life or Legacy Lunch. A tool kit contains recorder with memory card. Ipad Tablet for written transcription. Instructional packet with step-by-step interview instructions and thought provoking suggested questions. Coaching and interview preservation provided by S.A.Y. Project.

* Toolkits are provided to individuals with a secured deposit and per interview appointment.

* Toolkits are provided to community and corporate groups participating in volunteer projects at no cost.

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Below you will find our four standard interview topics at the SAY Project, they are Day to Day, War, Work, and Wedding. We understand that many people from many age groups have a voice and something to say. Currently though, we are focusing on interviewing the Elder Generation by the Newest Generation, in hopes to preserve the stories while they are still here. Each of our interview types is unique and focus on separate areas of life. In a Day to Day interview you can expect to discuss the troubles and tribulations that you faced each day, how they have changed over the years and a discussion on what kind of problems you may see for the next generation. During a War interview be prepared to discuss your personal history with our Armed Forces or any other War related stories for preservation. A Work interview focuses on a career, how you got there, how you liked it, and would you do it again? Youths may learn a lot from an experienced and well educated person whom has traversed the corporate ladder, done this, that and seen it all. If you have Wedding/Marriageable advice to pass along a Wedding interview is a great option. Pass along your secrets for having long and healthy relationships loved ones.

Day to Day

Sun-Rising-1Day to Day topics can encompass most things pertaining to life without one specific focus. The purpose of these interviews is to get the younger generation to delve into the past of the older generation and find out about things they haven’t yet been able to experience or gain knowledge about in their shorter lifetime. We’re hoping that the words and advice of our elders will ring in our ears far into the future and serve to guide us through our day to day lives.
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WarWar interviews will focus on the experiences of veterans and those who were left behind when their loved ones went off to fight for our country. This will be a great way to become acquainted first-hand with real war stories and the feelings and emotions that go along with them. Maybe you’ve just come back from war yourself, maybe you’re contemplating joining the military, or maybe you have a loved one overseas – whatever your story, you’ll be able to find out what the days of war were like historically compared to the present day, and your elders will be able to share what was probably one of the most difficult times in their lives.
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Gold Wedding RingsIf you are interested in engaging in an interview covering the wedding topic, you can expect to examine all facets of marriage and hopefully gain insight into the elements that help to create a life-lasting love. This will be a great avenue for young and newly engaged couples to get advice and suggestions before taking the next step in their relationship. Or maybe if you’re currently going through heartbreak, you’ll actually find out if it’s really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all and figure out a way to move on. The older generation will be able to use the interview as a means of documenting the tales of their greatest loves.
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A signpost directing work life balanceFiguring out what profession you will dedicate your life’s work to can be one of the most complicated and important choices of a young adult’s life. We hope that work interviews will enlighten the younger generation as to how to choose a satisfying career and succeed in whatever that may be. Our elders know the true meaning of working hard and making it to the top, and instilling that into our youth is essential for a productive and prosperous future generation. Words of encouragement and details about coming to terms with retirement will be lessons worth learning for these economic times.
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