What to Expect during a Life Lunch?


Life Lunches will bring a generation of young people together with the elder generation to spend time in a retirement community, veteran’s home or senior center in order to positively expose younger people to a senior’s environment or home and provide them with insight into a different way of living.

The youthful generation will get to know their senior partner by asking them questions of what life was like many years ago, what secrets they may have learned to living happily throughout their journey and how things compare now as it relates to chosen topics, such as war, marriage work, and the all-encompassing subject, “how did you do that?”

Midday, participants will lunch together, and at the end of the day share what they have learned about one another. Toolkits to record the interviews and answers will be provided so that each experience gathered can be captured, documented and preserved for the future. Each participant will receive a copy of the interview in both CD format and the written word.

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