What to Expect during a Legacy Lunch?


A Legacy Lunch will provide the opportunity for someone of the younger generation to take part in a field trip or read a book that reveals the history of a person or of a specific time in history that they want to learn more about. They will then be given the chance to spend lunch with those from older generations who were actually a part of that time period or can share stories of loved ones who were.

Legacy Lunches may also include seniors that are paired with young adults or teens to give useful information or advice on life. Some will have been married for over 50 years and are partnered with newlyweds or youngins recently engaged to be married. A retiree might tell an up-and-coming generation of techno-savvy workers of a simpler time when some of the biggest and most important deals were made starting with a phone call and ending with a handshake and a thank you note.

Teachers of both generations will be invited to share what has or hasn’t helped them to be successful in some of life’s biggest moments, in an effort to improve the future with tools from the past. Toolkits containing a CD and written word will be provided to all participants.

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