About Michele Queiser


“So much of our future lies in preserving our past” Peter Westbrook.

Michele Queiser is the founder of The S.A.Y. Project, an acronym for Someone Asked You, a nonprofit organization that aims to preserve the older generation’s thoughts, ideas, advice and biographies. Michele is a California certified activity director who has worked with the elderly for 20 years in a variety of circumstances. Even without a formal education in this field, what Michele’s experiences encompass is a career spent helping seniors and providing the gift of upholding their grace and honor through caregiving and life-enriching activities.

Most importantly, Michele is the keeper of their memoirs: their successes and failures, family histories, life’s work and great loves. Serving seniors their meals and being tipped with a smile, being told a few bad jokes and giving a laugh anyway, changing an undergarment and being entrusted with an elder’s dignity – all of these duties have been Michele’s way of encouraging an environment that would bring back the gift of creativity some had thought they lost. She has listened to countless tales of wars fought, children raised, loves lost and dedication to jobs, God and country.


Association of Personal Historians

Michele is also a member of the Association of Personal Historians and the recorder of historical events, life lessons and stories as told from one generation to the next. More info about APH can be found at www.personalhistorians.org.